ATLAS - A "game-changer" for endurance sports events

ATLAS Live Ranking was set up with the aim of enhancing the overall racing experience for all stakeholders of endurance races; race organisers, athletes and spectators. We are a B2B service provider and in collaboration with race organisers everywhere, we aim to make our services available to all race participants. 

atlas race solution consists of a hardware and software component

HARDWARE - ATLAS Bands are handed out to participating athletes before each race by the race organiser as part of the registration race pack. The wearable is worn throughout the race and gives athletes their real-time ranking during the race, updated every few seconds. It also gives the athlete his or her precise time from the next competitor ahead or behind.  

SOFTWARE - The ATLAS website and mobile APP automatically synchronises the data received from the wearable over the Cloud allowing spectators and coaches to be much closer to the action. In addition, via our custom designed interface, race organisers can also monitor the race progress and participants' location live, ensuring athletes' safety and organisational efficiency.


ATLAS makes endurance sports such as triathlon, marathons, cycling and other outdoor races much more accessible and engaging to the average spectator. In the longer term, ATLAS aims to become the go-to platform and race solution server provider for all types of endurance races globally. The ATLAS social networking platform fosters a global endurance sports community which increases adoption for endurance racing worldwide.