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Know where you rank

Race like a pro.



aTLAS LIve Tracking enhances the race experience for athletes, race organisers and spectators with a comprehensive solution that includes a live-tracking wearable AND a race-centric social networking app


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  • Next-generation IoT technology

  • Displays key information during the race:


  • Constantly updates athlete real-time geo-location

  • Data synchronized across all mobile devices in real time

  • Spectators feel much closer to the action

  • Athletes deploy race strategies and race like a PRO!

ATLAS social network 

race-centric social networking platform for athletes and spectators

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Value for stakeholders

Value for Race Organisers

  • Increased athlete engagement
  • ATLAS' powerful data analytics provide full suite of media-ready solutions for TV, social media, etc.
  • Ability to monitor all race participants and race personnel in real-time, accurately and efficiently
  • Enhance athletes' safety & eliminate rule violators

Value for Spectators and Media

  • Spectators and fans follow athletes live with ATLAS mobile APP and feel much closer to the action!
  • Engage fans online with data anlytics on athlete progress, live ranking, pace, location, performance, projected finish times, heart rate and much more
  • Curated content for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Live and many more

work with the best

The ATLAS Team is keen to acknowledge the great number of people who help to make ATLAS possible, ranging from fellow athletes, endurance enthusiasts, race organisers, world technology experts and many more.

Ray Picard

Ray Picard is one of Mexico's best long-distance triathlete and a good friend. He is an avid supporter of ATLAS. In Ray's words: "Knowing your ranking during the race will be a game-changer for so many athletes."

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Chris mccormack

Chris McCormack is a 2-time Ironman World Champion. It was "Macca" who got the ATLAS ball rolling after the founders met him on a training camp. Macca loved the idea and encouraged both founders to turn ATLAS into reality.


cambridge consultants

Cambridge Consultants are one of the world's foremost suppliers of innovative technology for world-class blue chips. 

Case studies

Upcoming Test Race: Tritons Triathlon Club

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