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Revolutionize the endurance sports community by enhancing athletes’ racing experience, spectator involvement and organisers’ efficiency through the sport’s first real-time ranking and tracking wearable device.

  • Athletes for the first time, will know their live positions and rankings, such that they can deploy race tactics and make it more fun.
  • Spectators are closer and able to follow race competition as athletes' position data are relayed to an online platform.
  • Organisers can track athletes' positions, which enhances organisational efficiency and ability to provide help when needed
In the long term, Accuwear’s vision is to be the go-to platform and position solution for endurance races globally. By making endurance sports like long distance running, cycling and triathlon much more accessible and exciting to spectate, AccuWear can foster a global endurance sport community with strong following that will allow accelerated growth and penetration of endurance sports.


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